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We are a local tour operator offering top-rated small group tours of Australia. Our guides are passionate about Australian history, wildlife, and culture, and they are committed to delivering real local experiences to our guests. We offer a diverse range of tour packages, so you can find the perfect one to discover Australia’s wildlife, Aboriginal culture, stunning nature, food, wine, and more. You will sleep well in hand-picked accommodations and enjoy a comfortable and authentic Australian experience.

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Boutique Comfort Tours

Here comfort meets authenticity for the active, mature traveller who wants to immerse themselves in unique Australian experiences while staying in comfort at hand-selected, locally-owned accommodation. Our Boutique Comfort Tours create a perfect blend of nature and wildlife, culture and heritage, and local authenticity, that define the true Australia.

Flashpacker Adventure Tours

Excitement and discovery await youthful, active travellers in their 20s to 40s who want to embark on the perfect blend of adventure with some extra creature comforts. With many included activities from snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef and wildlife spotting to breathtaking adventure walks you can truly explore and discover everything Australia has to offer.

Local food

Taste the real Australia

Discover Australia like a local. We want to introduce you to real people who are passionate about Australia’s environment, aboriginal culture, delicious food, wine, beer and many more local delights.
Meet friendly faces everyday and discover real Australia culture in a small group.

Small Group Experiences

We explore in small groups so you can discover the real Australia with genuine intimate experiences. Nature walks, waterfalls, rainforests, snorkeling, 4WD adventure’s, island cruising and much more. We curate the tours to include some ‘me time’ too.

Pacific Hotel Cairns - Via Travel East Coast Australia Accommodation

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Sleep well in our handpicked accommodation. We use a mix of quality accommodation. We understand you need a good rest after a fun day exploring.

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Experience the breath-taking landscapes and hidden gems of Australia on our boutique tours and adventure tours along the east and west coasts. Our small group tours, guided by fantastic local guides, are perfect for anyone looking to meet new friends and embark on an unforgettable journey.

Get up close to Australian wildlife, Aboriginal culture, amazing nature, and delicious food every day. Explore iconic Australian hot spots and sleep well in hand-picked accommodations. This is your chance to get off the beaten track and experience Australia like a local.

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Introducing the goodest boy in all of Oz (and Stu)

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In celebration of NAIDOC Week from 7 - 14 July and to honor yesterday`s National Aborigines Day, we take a moment to celebrate the world`s oldest continuous living history and the rich cultural heritage, history, and contributions of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

As a travel company dedicated to showcasing the beauty and diversity of Australia, we recognize the deep connection that Indigenous communities have with this land.

Our boutique tours are more than just journeys through stunning landscapes; they are opportunities to engage with the stories, traditions, and knowledge of the world’s oldest living cultures.

We are committed to fostering respectful and meaningful interactions with the Aboriginal communities we visit, ensuring that our guests not only see Australia but also understand and appreciate its profound cultural roots.

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We reckon Stu’s nan has caught him sneaking many a choccie biccie in his time! 🍫🍪

Ready to learn some more Aussie slang with Stu? School is in session for abbreviations (Abbr.)

Comment below which ones you’ve heard before and which ones you’re most surprised to learn. 👇

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🐨 First Nations culture is the cornerstone of Australian heritage. One of our values here at Via Travel is to share, educate, and honour this heritage wherever possible. That’s why we include First Nations experiences in almost all of our tours. ⁠

Justin, one of our Tour Guides is fortunate enough to get to share in these experiences, and this is what he had to say. 🫶⁠

🙏Thank you to all of the First Nations people, businesses, and elders who share their stories and heritage through our tours, and to Justin who guides travellers through these experiences along the way. ⁠

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🌟 Meet Stu, the heart and soul of Via Travel! Discover how our Founder and Adventure Architect turned his passion into unforgettable journeys. Ready to be inspired? ⁠

Check out his story here or in the link in bio! 🌏✨⁠⁠

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Have you ever wondered what bush tucker tastes like? 🌿⁠

Honour First Nations heritage and be part of an unforgettable Didgeridoo Dreaming Night Tour at Monkey Mia, where the ancient sounds of the didgeridoo fill the night air under a canopy of stars. 🌟⁠

Immerse yourself in stories and traditions, and savour the unique flavours of bush tucker. ⁠

If you want to come with us and experience the magic of First Nations culture, join us on our 13 day West Coast Encompassed below or in the link in bio: ⁠

Perth to Karijini National Park tour:⁠


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The best time to visit Weano and Dales Gorge is between April and November! The weather is mild enough for hiking and walking, while the pools (Fern Pool and Fortescue Falls) are still warm enough to enjoy a swim! 🏊 ...

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